Dr. Daniel Sánchez Martínez

Dr. Daniel Sánchez obtained a PhD in Engineering of Materials with specialty in the development of functional materials through alternate synthesis routes, such as precipitation assisted by organic compunds, ultrasound, hydrothermal and microwaves. He is attached to the Department of Ecometarials and Energy in the Facultad de Ingeniería Civil-IIIC, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León and is an active member of the academic group UANL-CA-224: "Development of Enviromental Materials"

Dr. Daniel Sánchez has published more than 18 articles indexed in JCR with more than 160 citations and posseses experience in the using of diverse scientific equipment, such as the X-ray diffractometer, in the evaluation of the photocatalytic properties of semiconducting oxides in the degradation of organic compounds under irradiation of simulated sunlight for decontamination of water and in the production of hydrogen by the division of water, and experience in the monitoring of photocatalytic tests by Total Organic Carbon Analysis (TOC), absorption spectra (UV-vis) and gas chromatography as well.

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